Meeting Professionals International held their annual World Education Conference in Atlantic City last month.  During the event over two thousand attendees came for education, networking and a bit of relaxation after the days events ended.  We attended, and we saw first hand the quality of offerings and the terrific job done by the hosts to show off their destination.

Post event we had some time to sit down with Paul Van Deventer, the President and CEO of MPI to discuss how the organization went about reinventing it's signature event this year, as well as the changes to the organization itself over the past few years.  Among the more prominent changes; the membership model has been revised, there are multiple new educational offerings and an ongoing discussion of how MPI can continue to be an effective association for its members in both the near and the distant future.  

In fact, there was so much discussed that we decided to split the talk into two segments.  This is part one and part two will be posted separately tomorrow.  We're also posting these two segments slightly out of order to bring it to you in a more timely manner, rather than waiting for the next slot in out regular posting schedule.  We hope you enjoy part one!   
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