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Strategic Meeting Tech Podcast Show #17 - Jim Clarke, CAE previews “Meetings in the Crosshairs”, his upcoming session at the CMP Conclave

September 1st, 2016

Our guest today on the podcast is Jim Clarke, CAE; the Senior Vice President, Public Policy at the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE).  Jim's will be leading a session at the upcoming CMP Conclave in Baltimore called: "Meetings in the Crosshairs - Current Legislation and issues affecting your events."  We previewed some of the major issues that he will cover in the session and bring some attention to topics that have the potential to significantly effect the meetings industry.  

First up we look at a proposed overtime rule revision that will go into effect on December first of this year and impact organizations nationally by changing the salary level of exempt employees.  There's a potential compromise bill that could alter this rule and it's very important that as an industry we let our representatives know of our support.  To that end, and as mentioned in the podcast, here's a link to find your Congressional Representative: United States House of Representatives

We also discussed recent ASAE Board Policy enacted on the subject of Diversity and Inclusion as it relates to our industry and actions like recently passes RFRA laws in some states.

Lastly, we touched on recent progress for easing federal rules regarding attendance of federal employees to meetings.

Each of these topics has significant impact on the meetings and events industry.  If you're interested in learning more, you can attend Jim's session at the CMP Conclave in Baltimore coming up later this month.  If you can't attend you can learn more about the work ASAE is doing on our behalf at their site: The Power of A.  You can also find out specific ways to become more involved in advocating and advancing our industry. 

Strategic Meeting Tech Podcast Show #16 - Jan Roy, PhD, CMP previews “The Importance of Soft Skill Competencies”, her upcoming session at the CMP Conclave

August 31st, 2016

On today's edition of the podcast we talk with Dr. Jan Roy of Kaplan University about her session slated for the CMP Conclave in Baltimore next month.  She'll be looking at a terrific area for self-improvement and career advancement.  

"The Importance of Soft Skill Competencies for Meeting Professionals" will help attendees better understand the area of soft skills and how it's an area of growing importance within organizations and an individuals potential to advance their career.  Her focus is on the leadership aspects of soft skills and ways that attendees can better understand and develop them.

There's still time to join us at the CMP Conclave in Baltimore on September 16-18.  You can learn more here:  CMP Conclave.

Strategic Meeting Tech Podcast Show #15 - Paul Bridle and Vicki Hawarden preview “Security in Venues is Everyone’s Responsibility”, their upcoming session at the CMP Conclave

August 30th, 2016

As event planners and suppliers we are all aware of evolving threats that can impact our venues and attendees.  The industry has never established a uniform set of international standards for safety and security.  To address that need, the international Secure Venue Standard is being developed in collaboration with a number of industry organizations.

Paul Bridle and Vicki Hawarden will lead a session at the upcoming CMP Conclave in Baltimore to review the importance of standards in this critical area, then break into smaller groups to provide feedback on how the proposed standards can bets meet the needs of the industry.

They join me on the podcast today to preview their session and talk about the vital role that providing a safe and secure environment for our attendees and guests plays in planning any event.  If you're attending the CMP Conclave you should plan to attend this session and assure that your concerns and needs are met by the proposed standards.

Show #14 - Patrick Delaney Hall of Leaders Interview

August 29th, 2016

For this episode of the podcast we were able to connect with Patrick Delaney of Sool Nua in Dublin, Ireland about his induction this year into the Convention Industry Council Hall of Leaders this coming October in Las Vegas.

We were able to spend some time chatting about his background and history in the meetings industry; and then what inspires him about our industry looking forward to the future.  And how the work we do in helping people come together to change the world can be so inspiring to each of us within the meetings industry.

If you'd like to see Patrick inducted to the Hall of Leaders you can join him at the Hall of Leaders Celebration in Las Vegas on October 18, 2016 in the Jewel Nightclub at the Aria.

Show #13 - Michael Owen previews “Connectivity: Elevating the Bandwidth”, his upcoming session at the CMP Conclave

August 24th, 2016

Internet access at venues is a topic that causes significant challenges for planners.  In this smart device connected age, attendees carry multiple devices and expect constant access and high speeds wherever they go.  Internet access is not longer an option and free is not always the best answer.

We spent some time talking with Michael Owen of Eventgenuity and he gave us a preview of his upcoming session scheduled for the CMP Conclave in Baltimore.  We cover not just the nuts and bolts of internet access, but some specific areas for planners to begin to improve their results from HSIA (high speed internet access).

We also spent some time talking about APEX and the many free tools and information available to planners to help them begin to speak a common language with their vendors about bandwidth and much, much more.  Here's a direct link to the APEX Bandwidth page: APEX Bandwidth & Connectivity 

You can register for the CMP Conclave here: CMP Conclave
And you can learn more about APEX and the information provided there via this link: APEX 

Show #12 - Karyn Buxman previews her Lead With Levity session at the CMP Conclave

August 17th, 2016

The Convention Industry Council holds its annual CMP Conclave in less than a month in Baltimore.  So that means that in less than a month attendees will be able to share in numerous sessions aimed at helping CMP's to hone and improve their personal and professional skills.  

The opening keynote at the Conclave titled "Lead with Levity" will be presented by Karyn Buxman
Karyn, a neurohumorist, has devoted her career and authored numerous books studying the ways that humor can enhance an organization and its leadership.  She offers practical tips and advice for applying humor to all types of situations and ways for developing better skills to add humor to your daily habits.  

She spent some time on the podcast giving us a preview of her message, as well as a few of the many tips that she'll be sharing in person when she presents in Baltimore.  

You can learn more and register for the CMP Conclave at the CIC website.  CMP Conclave

Show #11 - Event Safety - Rigging Basics

August 13th, 2016

Last week we talked about the role of a fire marshal in keeping attendees safe at an event.  Continuing on the theme of safety and security, this week we’ll take a look at rigging and provide a brief overview of how that fits into the responsibility for a planner to assure thattheir attendees are safe and comfortable during their time spent at the event.

ESTA (Entertainment Services & Technology Association)

Technical Standards Program

Show #10 - Event Safety - a brief look at the role of a Fire Marshal

August 3rd, 2016

Just this week there’s beensome discussions in the news relating to room capacity at some politicalevents.  We’re non-political here on thepodcast, but it started us thinking about the role of a fire marshal and thegreater subject of event safety in general.

When you’re planning an event a part of your responsibility is to make sure that the attendees are safe andcomfortable during their time spent at the event. 

This can touch on a fewareas, but today we start with a brief overview of the role of Fire Marshals and their responsibility for helping to keep yourattendees safe.

Event Safety Checklist from Eastern Michigan University: Event Safety & Planning Checklist

ESTA: Entertainment Services & Technology Association

Health & Safety Executive (UK): Event Safety

IATSE Local 22: Event Safety Training Guide

Show #9 - Jon talks about AV site surveys and working with your potential vendors

July 25th, 2016

This week Jon spends some time focusing on the various things that a planner can document and evaluate when looking at a potential venue from an AV perspective.  

Here's a link to a pdf with some of basic information so that you can download it and take along with you.

Show #8 - Interview with Brandt Krueger

July 18th, 2016

In this episode of the podcast we talk with one of the presenters who will be at the upcoming CMP Conclave in Baltimore.

Brandt Krueger, the owner of Event Technology Consulting is one of the "go to" speakers in the meetings industry on a variety of AV and technology topics.  He's been published on numerous industry websites, spoken at events ranging from MPI's WEC to last year's CMP Conclave in Reno. He also currently teaches classes via the Event Leadership Institute.

In this episode we preview his session set for Baltimore on Projection Mapping.  The session will focus on creative uses of video mapping to create amazing effects that come at a reasonable cost compared to some of the multi-million dollar effects we've seen used by major companies like Disney.  He'll provide some great resources and insights into how adding this technology to an event can provide a great return on the costs while creating an unforgettable audience experience.

Here are links to a couple resources that we discuss during the show:
Projection Mapping Central:

Christie Digital:

Brandt Krueger's Website: