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On today's podcast we talk with Janee Pelletier, MBA, CMP, DES of Conference & Logistics Consultants about her educational session at the upcoming CMP Conclave in Baltimore.  

Her session, "Budget-Driven Meeting Planning: Contracts, Expenses and Your Career" is a terrific overview of how planners can look at their events with a budgetary perspective at the forefront of their thinking.  Flawless logistics are no longer the measure of a successful meeting.  And, with a greater focus in organizations on the budgetary side of an event, to progress your career and be valuable to your company, you need to be able to work within the budget realm.

Janee will offer practical advice she's found for cost savings, as well as guidance for setting up a budget template and making well considered projections of possible variable expense areas of your event.  There's still time to join us in Baltimore at the CMP Conclave, September 16-18.

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On today's edition of the podcast we talk with Dr. Jan Roy of Kaplan University about her session slated for the CMP Conclave in Baltimore next month.  She'll be looking at a terrific area for self-improvement and career advancement.  

"The Importance of Soft Skill Competencies for Meeting Professionals" will help attendees better understand the area of soft skills and how it's an area of growing importance within organizations and an individuals potential to advance their career.  Her focus is on the leadership aspects of soft skills and ways that attendees can better understand and develop them.

There's still time to join us at the CMP Conclave in Baltimore on September 16-18.  You can learn more here:  CMP Conclave.

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The Convention Industry Council holds its annual CMP Conclave in less than a month in Baltimore.  So that means that in less than a month attendees will be able to share in numerous sessions aimed at helping CMP's to hone and improve their personal and professional skills.  

The opening keynote at the Conclave titled "Lead with Levity" will be presented by Karyn Buxman
Karyn, a neurohumorist, has devoted her career and authored numerous books studying the ways that humor can enhance an organization and its leadership.  She offers practical tips and advice for applying humor to all types of situations and ways for developing better skills to add humor to your daily habits.  

She spent some time on the podcast giving us a preview of her message, as well as a few of the many tips that she'll be sharing in person when she presents in Baltimore.  

You can learn more and register for the CMP Conclave at the CIC website.  CMP Conclave

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