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As event planners and suppliers we are all aware of evolving threats that can impact our venues and attendees.  The industry has never established a uniform set of international standards for safety and security.  To address that need, the international Secure Venue Standard is being developed in collaboration with a number of industry organizations.

Paul Bridle and Vicki Hawarden will lead a session at the upcoming CMP Conclave in Baltimore to review the importance of standards in this critical area, then break into smaller groups to provide feedback on how the proposed standards can bets meet the needs of the industry.

They join me on the podcast today to preview their session and talk about the vital role that providing a safe and secure environment for our attendees and guests plays in planning any event.  If you're attending the CMP Conclave you should plan to attend this session and assure that your concerns and needs are met by the proposed standards.

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Last week we talked about the role of a fire marshal in keeping attendees safe at an event.  Continuing on the theme of safety and security, this week we’ll take a look at rigging and provide a brief overview of how that fits into the responsibility for a planner to assure thattheir attendees are safe and comfortable during their time spent at the event.

ESTA (Entertainment Services & Technology Association)

Technical Standards Program

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Just this week there’s beensome discussions in the news relating to room capacity at some politicalevents.  We’re non-political here on thepodcast, but it started us thinking about the role of a fire marshal and thegreater subject of event safety in general.

When you’re planning an event a part of your responsibility is to make sure that the attendees are safe andcomfortable during their time spent at the event. 

This can touch on a fewareas, but today we start with a brief overview of the role of Fire Marshals and their responsibility for helping to keep yourattendees safe.

Event Safety Checklist from Eastern Michigan University: Event Safety & Planning Checklist

ESTA: Entertainment Services & Technology Association

Health & Safety Executive (UK): Event Safety

IATSE Local 22: Event Safety Training Guide

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